Is it dodgy?

So, lately, as many of you are aware, Mark Zuckerberg has been fighting his lawsuit about Facebook and people’s privacy.

This has sparked many a folk to question how much of their information and personal details are absorbed by the Facebook app and whether it does actually breach their privacy rights.

I read the other day that someone on Facebook was concerned when they saw two adverts pop up on their feed on two separate occasions throughout the week which were linked to conversations she had had with friends, not something she had searched online.

Both of those items were advertised by Wish.

Have you seen those adverts?? They are usually advertising some of the most random items that do not look real or have never been seen in shops before. I remember seeing a weird little clamp before for an ingrown toenail…

Anyway, this has clearly triggered my imagination and I’m starting to question whether this Wish link is actually something more sneaky.

I’ve never, ever agreed to receive Wish adverts on Facebook but they are a regular occurrence, and one thing I’ve also noticed but no one else seems to, there is no comments section! There’s a comments button but never any comments available to see people’s reactions or feedback on these bizarre items.

I know I’m sounding like an absurd conspiracy theorist but maybe there is something in this whole privacy barrier breach thing.

So, in addition to that, and obviously following the whole Mark Zuckerberg court case, I have logged onto Facebook this morning and received a link to remove all apps which have my data so that I can regain privacy.

Fantastic, I thought.

So that’s what I did.

Problem solved, right?

Not quite… once I’d removed all of the apps I had long forgotten about, including both active and expired, I was curious as to what was on the removed list. Why would there need to be a removed list if the apps have been deleted from my Facebook?

Well, that just showed the list of removed apps… and a message saying that these apps STILL have my details but cannot access anymore.

So, am I crazy to jump on this Facebook conspiracy bandwagon? Is there any truth in Facebook accessing our microphones from our phones?

I’d love to know if you guys have noticed anything suspicious or have had your own Facebook experiences!


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