I saw this on Facebook and thought I’d share about me…

▪️Favourite smell: Dior, Sauvage (for men) I bought this aftershave for my boyfriend on a whim and it smells absolutely gorgeous. Many women have commented on how amazing he smells.

▪️First job: working behind a bar which I loved but it was a part-time job and I also found out a guy was on more money per hour than I was which was very annoying.

▪️Current job: Teacher

▪️Dream job: Professional writer and traveller – however, I do believe there is a niche job that I should be doing but I have not discovered it yet.

▪️Favourite pizza: pepperoni, chicken, pineapple, sweet corn and extra cheese

▪️Favourite dog: Currently, my baby Beagle called Bruce 💕

▪️Favourite cat: Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

▪️Favourite foot attire: Biker boots – I’ve always been grungy so anything with metal studs is right up my street

▪️Roller Coaster: I love most!! I love the thrill of the speed and the drop

▪️Favourite sweets: Oh my life, I have such a sweet tooth and I love having a pick ‘n’ mix to devour because I can’t pinpoint one sweet as being my favourite.

▪️Favourite ice cream: mint chocolate chip, although I’m not a huge ice cream eater.

▪️Pet Peeves: when someone throws someone else under the bus. And I mean this figuratively, even though I would be dead against someone throwing someone under the bus literally too. I don’t see why someone needs to undermine someone else to make themselves look better.

▪️What are you listening to right now: I’m going away for a few days and my partner and me have very different music tastes (he’s more chilled vibes such as reggae and I’m more rock) so we’ve compromised with “cheesy pop” and the first song on shuffle is Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ – I have to say, it is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but shh don’t tell anyone.

▪️Colour of your vehicle: “Moonwalk Grey”; hence my car being called ‘Moonwalk Maurice’

▪️Colour of your eyes: ‘slate grey’, as my Dad says

▪️Favorite Holiday: I’ve been to some truly beautiful places, such as Greece, France, Mexico and Ireland, but my three month trek across America will forever be my favourite ‘holiday’

▪️Night owl, morning or anytime person: Hmm, I suppose I’m an anytime person. My body clock wakes me up at around 6:30am nowadays because of work; however, I do feel my creativity flourishes at night time. Either way, I’m definitely a nap person!

▪️Favorite day of the week: Friday; even with work, I love that Friday feeling!

▪️Tattoos: Yes, one on my wrist of musical notes which are poignant to my Trek across America 💕

▪️Like to cook: I do! But only since about two or three years ago! I used to feel a bit nervous about cooking but I’m much more confident with trying out herbs and spices nowadays, and I can make a mean chilli 🙂

▪️Favorite Drink: Desperados but I’m coeliac so can no longer have them 🙁

▪️Favourite colour: pink! I’m such a girl.

▪️Favourite vegetable: sprouts

▪️Do you wear glasses: yes, my eyes are broken

▪️Favorite season: winter; it’s Christmas time in winter and I love snuggling up next to the fire with my slippers on and a hot chocolate or mulled wine

So there you have it, a little more about me.

Copy, paste and change the answers to have a go too 🙂


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