Finding my Feet

I’ve just seen the ‘daily prompt’ blog and it’s opened the door for me to explain where I’m at when it comes to blogging.

I started a blog when I was about 24 (so, about 8 years ago) and the internet was not as prominent as it is today; so much so, when I tried to promote my blog on my Facebook page, a ‘friend’ commented with “No one cares”.

This, understandably, broke my heart and whenever I sat down to type after that, I just felt like I was doing something silly and I felt embarrassed (and, admittedly, I even cried a couple of times).  Eventually, my blogging fizzled out and my blog became a deserted space that I ended up deleting.

Years later, I heard about Zoella and how she’d started a blog around the same time as I had done; she is now a very successful writer, blogger, blogger, socialite, and I just can’t help but wonder what may have happened if I’d continued to do what I enjoyed doing.

Now, I’m not saying I’d be where Zoella is right now, and I love teaching, but I certainly would have continued writing which is what I’ve always enjoyed and have a passion for.  I think I would have also found my niche sooner because when I’ve tried to pick up blogging since that fateful day several years ago, I’ve not really known where to start.

I have an interest in makeup so I began blogging again when I realised I had a talent for creating different looks; however, working as a teacher I don’t get to look as fresh-faced as I would like for effective makeup looks.  And lo and behold, that fizzled out too.


Recently, I realised that I am an avid traveller who takes pictures of some very beautiful places on earth, and I’ve had experiences which I can share with the world; experiences where I do not have to sit in a room, cover myself in different layers of makeup and then not be able to find the correct lighting for such looks to be appreciated on the blogosphere.

I’ve sieved through my countless pictures of landscapes, monuments, cities, mountain tops, villages, rivers etc and I’ve started to write about them.  I’m also not afraid to post pictures of me looking exhausted and makeup-free, as it’s far more realistic than seeing me dolled up to the nines walking along a muddy riverbank.

So, even though my blog is inchoate, I have a new, revived passion for writing and sharing what I love to do/see.

And if anyone tells me “no one cares”, I can smile and say “I do!”


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  1. Oh my goodness, I know where you’re coming from! I started blogging years ago and have cycled through about four or five different blogs as my interest comes and goes. I could probably be a blogging millionaire by now if I’d just stuck with it!

    1. I’m so glad it’s not just me! It’s so difficult when you’re starting out too and your blog just looks bare, so you end up filling it with nonsense – that’s how I feel every time I start. I’m trying not to lose my way now… x

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