The beauty of Yellowstone

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I never realised how many places I took for granted when I travelled across America. Going through my pictures today, I couldn’t help but be blown away by the beauty of Yellowstone. It’s a wonderful national park situated in Wyoming.

The trip of a lifetime

In 2015, I visited 48 states in just under three months, travelling with Trek America. Unfortunately, Trek America have discontinued future treks but their website does have links to sister companies.


Old Faithful

As you may well know, Yellowstone is famous for Old Faithful, and seeing that phenomenon certainly was incredible (although, not the smell!). However, stopping to observe the nature within that national park is something everyone should experience. The beauty of Yellowstone is just absolutely breathtaking.

Old Faithful did live up to his name though, erupting pretty much to the minute it was expected to. His fellow geysers tried to steal the limelight with their very interesting aromas too. We don’t have anything like this in the UK so they were fascinating to say the least.

A river rushing through Yellowstone National Park

Unique Nature

It seemed that wherever I looked I was greeted with such striking beauty and I’m so lucky to have had this experience. From my pictures, you can see that Yellowstone has so many contrasting features. There were mountains, forests, rockeries, rivers. I couldn’t catch my breath with all the stunning nature around me.

A river rushing through a valley of mountains either side in Yellowstone National Park
It doesn’t even look real

I don’t think these pictures even do Yellowstone justice! Hopefully, you will be able to capture the magic and the beauty of Yellowstone yourselves. Feel free to share these with me! I’d love to be transported back and live vicariously through fellow travellers.

Additionally, if you do ever get to visit Yellowstone, make sure you complete the Junior Park Ranger booklet to get your badge – I did this as an adult with no shame whatsoever! ?

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