Rock and Hard Place

Whoever said “those who can’t…teach” needs to lose their playtime and lose a class dojo point!

Teaching itself is amazing; when I go to work, I’m happiest when I’m in the classroom with my kids and just teaching them. That “penny drop” moment will always be my favourite and the things 7/8 year olds come out with sometimes is just brilliant (whilst reading Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt has been called Tibbles and Montague became Mongoose). I will never understand those teachers who strive to work their way up the ladder just so they can sit in an office, delegating the fun stuff.

However, in a climate when schools are becoming academies which are constantly referred to as “businesses”, the joy of teaching is starting to dwindle. It’s not the teaching aspect though; that still remains my fave. It’s the sh*t you get surrounding your job.

After a year of working my arse off (even through holidays and over weekends), and being put on a leadership course because I was doing a good job, I was then informed in November that I did not pass my performance management so would not be moving up the pay scale.

As you can imagine, I was furious and devastated. So I appealed…

That was such a lengthy slog too. I gathered together every scrap of evidence I could. I had my union rep involved in every step of the way. Then, I resubmitted my evidence folder.

I received my review yesterday…

I was still unsuccessful.

The reasons given contradicted the original reason I was unsuccessful.

Now, the thing with academies is the school gets taken over by a Trust and, like I said before, academies are run like a “business”. It has been said countless times that our school has no money. Interesting!

So, who reviewed my folder?

Of course, it was a member of the Trust… who understands that our school has no money… who is just as corrupt as the people running this “business”.

So what do I do?? I’m in such a pickle as the fight in me wants to just cut and run. Why should I stay in a place that treats me so poorly without any warning? However, I’ve been fighting this for months now and I believe I’m fighting a losing battle.

Even my union rep has said I have a strong case to push this further but she’s worried about my well-being as it’s a lot of stress fighting for something that I’m clearly never going to win. It was evident in my review that they were nitpicking, trying to find any tiny detail to stop me from winning my appeal.

If I leave, find another school… will I just go through the same thing? My confidence is shattered and my emotional resilience is wearing thin.

For anyone thinking of going into teaching, please research the pros and cons first, especially if you end up applying for a job at an academy.


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