Who doesn’t love the bloated look?

So, last week, I was "glutened".

This is a phrase coined by well-understanding fellow coeliacs who know all too well what it's like when you accidentally consume gluten/wheat.

Therefore, glutened!

I had a bad bout of it too. As I was in Bulgaria, I was trying my damnedest to avoid anything that looked "wheaty" and, for the most part, I succeeded.

However, not long after eating my dinner on Friday my stomach felt uncomfortable and I could feel the stirrings of a rumble within my stomach. Quite quickly, my stomach started to bloat and I looked 8-months pregnant (not a good look when I'm drinking cider in a bar – judgment from passers by/fellow punters must have been rife!).

Eventually, I had to ask Lee if we could go back to the hotel room as I felt flippin' awful!

Once back, I was violently sick and felt like my stomach was burning. I spent the night trying to sleep but failing due to nausea/sickness/high temperature. It's been a while since I've been glutened and this was a bad bout of it – I'd never been sick with it before.

I was bed-ridden for the entire next day and, although I do feel so much better now, my stomach is still rumbling and I'm not quite 100%.

There are so many people who question people's intolerances to gluten – my response to them? 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

I wish I wasn't Coeliac but I am and it sucks. I wish I could eat gluten/wheat but I can't and it sucks!

The sooner these ignorant people realise that Coeliac disease is a real issue, the better. I can deal with being "glutened" because it's an accidental error… I find it difficult to deal with the flack we get for not being able to consume gluten, as if it's our choice.

I have so much respect for chefs/food producers/supermarkets who take care with their foods to ensure we can enjoy food and live a happy, gluten-free life! I hope more and more people become aware of the severity of an accidental glutening so that we can all live in harmony and eat well together!

Has anyone else been glutened?


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