Dead Ends

So, I finally got my hair cut after about a year.

My mom was slightly worried that my hair was falling out or breaking off.  As you can imagine, my job as a teacher can become quite stressful, especially this time of year with SATs, writing assessments and a recent Ofsted visit, so my hair has been suffering quite a bit.

I’ve been taking the Boots hair, skin and nails tablets for about a month but I’ve spent a year neglecting my hair and it was clear to see that the ends were becoming fluffy and coarse.  No amount of conditioner could salvage it either! 

So Momma Bear booked me in with her hairdresser today.  Needless to say, I felt a little emotional when I sat in the chair.  I’ve been realising that I’ve been neglecting my hair because it’s a sense of control.  I sometimes feel lost and vulnerable in my job, and relationships are always a work in progress, so my hair felt like it was one thing I could really take control of.

I suppose in some ways it’s not too dissimilar to when people chop it all off or change drastically to another hair colour; not booking myself in for a cut/colour meant that I was in charge, even if it was to let it suffer.

After today though, I realise how much care my hair needs.  I’m booked in for a colour next week and I know that it will have to be a conscious effort to maintain my hair’s health from now on.  But it’s something I want to do and, hopefully, you’ll still be with me on my journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle in months to come!


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  1. I know how you feel! I got 9 inches cut off my hair not too long ago for charity and I was so emotional but so glad I did it, my hair is so much healthier now, what colour are you dyeing your hair? It’d mean s lot if you checked my blog out too x

    1. Awww! That’s such a lovely thing to do. 9 inches? Wow! I struggled with just the one inch! I like going for dark colours nowadays (I used to be lighter when I was about 18) so I’m going for a dark brown/ash colour. I’ll definitely check your blog, lovely! x

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