Exhaustion may be an exaggeration but I’m seriously close to burning out.

So, a few weeks ago, I went on a residential with the Year 6 children to Condover (Shrewsbury).  It was an eventful weekend with myself driving a child back to Birmingham at 4:30am on Saturday morning after a (long) trip to A&E, then returning the folllowing morning at 9am to continue to residential weekend till Sunday.

Two days later, without any chance to catch up on sleep and recharge, we had an Ofsted review.

Then, we were on a tight schedule to get writing evidence together for our Year 2 classes (the year group I currently teach) and I was asked to assess 60 portfolios.

Then, when I finally thought I was going to have chance to recuperate, we were told that we were having performance management observations/reviews.

Mine was today.

This morning, I felt nauseous… after my observation, I got a bit emotional. 

So, tonight, I’m taking a break from report writing (I have ten left) and I’m chilling with a blanket in front of the TV.

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