Grow, Hair, Grow!

Having fine hair is one of the things I’ve always tried to change and I’ve looked on as the green-eyed monster at girls with beautiful, luscious locks.

I’ve tried clip-in hair extensions but found they dried out very quickly and I couldn’t afford the upkeep.  I didn’t know how to care for them properly so they were wasted on me. 

So, I’ve recently decided to try the Boots version of Perfectil; vitamin tablets for skin, hair and nails.

I’ve only been taking them for a couple of weeks so I haven’t noticed a major difference yet, but I’ve heard it can take about 3 months to see improvements.

One thing I will say, my hair doesn’t seem to fall out as much as it did previously so I’m hoping my follicles are getting a little stronger.  

I got the 180 tub (£19.99 from Boots) so that should last me six months and I’ll have hopefully seen a change by then.  I’m trying to keep it real too by hoping for slightly thicker, stronger hair instead of hair worthy of a L’Oreal advert.  I’m not expecting to look like Rapunzel by Christmas! 

As for my skin and nails… my nails are quite strong anyway so I’m just hoping they look nice and healthy now, and my skin has come out in spots on my chin.  Great!  That better be the toxins coming to the surface and I’ll be glowing like a Twilight vampire soon… 🤞🏻

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