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Wow!  I have the utmost respect for this group of men from The Real Full Monty.

I just watched it with my mom and, although I pretty much cried through laughing all the way through, I couldn’t help getting a little choked up at times.  

This programme was so bittersweet in the sense that it provided so much comic relief but had an important message running alongside it; men need to check their bodies for testicular and/or prostate cancer regularly.

Fair play to every single one of the men who performed the full monty to raise awareness.  They had (excuse the pun!) balls!!!  They were all absolutely fab and if just one more man gets himself checked then at least that’s one life hopefully saved.

So, get it checked guys!  Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be afraid, don’t be in denial!

Also, I have to give a special mention to Errol the mechanic on the show.  Not only did he, bravely, face up to his fears but he has been encouraging men to get themselves checked out and 46 of about 5000 tested positive for testicular or prostate cancer.  That number is far too big but 44 of them caught it in time!

If you need any inspiration at all, please watch the programme.  All of the men had been affected in some way and the more we raise awareness for this disease, the more lives we can save!

Well done to all of the celebs who took part in the Real Full Monty!  Honestly, balls of steel guys!  Fair play!


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