Vlogging – not for me!

So, I’ve been writing most of my life.  I love it; I love getting the words in my head out onto a page.

I’ve never been successful and my blog sites have fizzled into nothing several times.  I can’t stop and I don’t want to. Even if it takes me 50 blog sites before I settle, so be it.

However, as vlogging seems to be the current trend I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Well, needless to say, I won’t be trying that again any time soon.  I sounded ridiculous and stumbled over so many words that even intricate editing couldn’t salvage the video!

I know people say that we should persevere but I’m seriously crap!  You’d think, being a teacher, that I’d be able to perform with ease.  I thought that too.  

As it stands, I’m avoiding vlogging like the plague from now on and I’ll stick to my many blogging sites instead!

Zoella I am not!! 

Loulabelle xoxo

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